steak and stout pie

Steak & Stout

Big chunks of Angus steak, Cremini mushrooms, celery, carrots, onions, rosemary and seasonings in our Guinness Lager gravy and signature, real butter pastry.


Ground beef, smoked bacon, mild cheddar cheese and onions in our seasoned gravy and signature, real butter pastry.

steak and stout pie

BBQ Pulled Pork

Slow-cooked, pulled pork in our sweet and smoky BBQ sauce and signature, real butter pastry.

steak and stout pie

Chicken & Leak

Big chunks of light and dark, all natural chicken, roasted butternut squash, kale and onions in our leek cream sauce and signature, real butter pastry.

Vegetarian Thai Curry

Diced potato, sweet garden peas, carrots, green beans and minced jalapeno peppers in our sweet Thai curry sauce and signature, real butter pastry.

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All of our gourmet pies are available Ready to Enjoy or Ready to Bake.



Lightly battered fries. Crispy on the outside, with a soft inside.

Chooky Chips

Our chips seasoned with 12 spices to add a chicken flavor yet 100% vegan. An Aussie Favorite!

Mike’s Mash

Milled potato, real butter, real cream, kosher salt and black pepper blended to perfection.


Bundaberg Ginger Beer

Australia’s favorite soft drink. Craft brewed from a family recipe that’s been handed down for generations. (Non Alcoholic Beverage)

Bundaberg Diet Ginger Beer

The diet version of Bundaberg’s famous Ginger Beer.

Bottled Spring Water

Sourced only from carefully selected springs, contains naturally occurring minerals for a crisp, clean water.


Coca-Cola is the most popular soft drink in history, as well as the best-known brand in the world.

Diet Coke

It’s the one and only Diet Coke®. It’s your everyday hero. Your deliciously fizzy go-to companion.