Legend has it Mike Peacock (a.k.a. The Flying Pie Guy) was tipping back a couple one arvo with his cousin and started craving his beloved Aussie Pies and gently drifted away with the pixies.

Then a rip-snorter of an idea suddenly hit him. He should put the family recipe to good use and introduce the Australian icon to the people of America.

You little ripper, he thought to himself, and off he went to start to The Flying Pie Guy.

Keeping with the family tradition, he made sure his all natural, savory and delicious pies are made from farm-to-table, natural ingredients. Aussie Pies sure do satisfy you.

It wasn’t long before Matilda started her journey to become what she is today. A welcome member of the team. Mike also thought he’d introduce other Aussie classics like: Savory Rolls, Sauce and Bundaberg Soft Drinks.

“Our customers spoke, wanting more and we listened”, Mike had another rip-snorter of an idea – expand the business by catering for wedding receptions and after parties, private and corporate events, and backyard celebrations.


Our beloved Matilda is named after the unofficial national anthem of Australia, Waltzing Matilda*.

Thanks to Matilda, we can serve our guests fast as she was designed and built to serve all crowd sizes from small private gatherings to large public and corporate events.

This 2016 Freightliner MT-45 beauty has a fully custom commercial kitchen on board to serve your needs.

Her kitchen build-out was performed by M&R Specialty Trailers & Trucks in Macclenny, Florida. M&R installed Vulcan Convection Ovens, True Refrigerators, A True Freezer, Beverage’Air Coolers, Vulcan Pie Warmers and much more.

All equipment is powered by a very quiet Cummins Onan 12kw generator.

Our logos and graphics were designed by Quaker City Mercantile in Philadelphia, PA.

Did you know the words of Waltzing Matilda is microscopically written in M-Series Australian passports since 2003?